Is chronic back pain messing up your flow?

What would it be like to be free of back pain and create balance in all areas of your life? What can you do each day to move with your inner flow and create a life that brings you joy? I want to offer you simple, powerful answers to these questions. Whether you are a newbie in exploring your body mind connection, an athlete, yogi or not, taking time and sharing energy with me will transform your relationship with yourself and heal the way you look at your body, your relationships, and your career.

I will share techniques from my science background of kinesiology, and my spiritual connection through yoga. These tools have helped me discover who I really am, how I connect to others, and the world around me.

I will connect with people who are tired of feeling stuck because of their back pain and want to create a life that makes them feel free!


One on One

In 1.5hours we will connect and develop an understanding of:

  • The surprising reason why your pain sticks around (even though you’ve tried everything!)
  • The secret message your chronic back pain is trying to tell you.

I will guide you through a personalized yoga practice with hands-on healing.


8-Week Course

For 8 consecutive weeks, we will meet for 1.5 hours and get clear on:

  • Tools to decode your pain, and learn the foreign language your body speaks
  • Life hacks to release the pain
  • Handy tricks to keep in your pocket to prevent the pain from coming back ever again!

Each week will be a different theme and I will curate the yoga practice and hands-on healing according to your individual needs.


8-Week Online Course

Coming soon!