A Mindful Moment

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness can mean so much and can be practiced in every area of our lives. We can be mindful in the way we eat, connect to others, how we treat ourselves, what we choose, how we act, behave, etc. To me, I connect to the word "mindfulness" as a simple conversation with self. Developing the awareness of the thoughts and feelings that we experience within. What we see in the screen of our mind, and feel in our hearts are ways that we can communicate to our innermost true essence - our soul. Mindfulness is connection to one's mind, body and spirit. Always having a conversation with self to discover, learn and grow everyday. When you ask yourself a question, you intuitively hear the answer. The first answer that comes to mind without hesitation is the answer in its truest form. Before we start to analyze ideas and stress over details of the imaginary stories we create, we just need to trust the voice within. Here is a video that Michael D. Lorsch and I did for lululemon in the Toronto area to start the conversation of bringing mindfulness and meditation in the stores within the team. I wanted share the video for the sake of sharing a little bit about myself, but also to start the conversation of mindfulness within yourself. Ask yourself the questions that Michael asks me. Perhaps it is best to not even ask, but to simply listen. I know it is easier said than done to quiet the heart and mind, but step back and observe. Do your best to separate yourself from the stories, attachments, expectations and LISTEN. Stop. Come back to the present moment. Take a deep breath in... and a cleansing breath out... Drop the stories, come back to breath. THAT is where the mindful journey can begin.